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Introducing BioActive Dehydration™

...a drying process that is so gentle it retains the color, flavor, aroma, and nutrients of fresh botanicals. 

LiquaDry is the developer of BioActive Dehydration™, an ambient temperature spray-drying process that is so gentle and retains fresh qualities so well, that when our juice powders are reconstituted into water, they are virtually identical to fresh juice.

LiquaDry uses Bioactive Dehydration to produce unsurpassed quality of cereal grass juice powder, fruit and vegetable juice, and extract powders.

Certified Organic Farms

LiquaDry’s ambient temperature processing is not the only reason that our grass and alfalfa juice powders are of such high quality. The environment in which our crops grow is also vital to the quality of our products. LiquaDry’s grasses are organically grown in the rich soils of ancient sea bed in Utah’s West Desert. The sediment deposited from this ancient sea, combined with an evaporating runoff from a watershed of millions of acres of wilderness has created a deep, rich soil base full of minerals and nutrients.

LiquaDry produces and sells more than 200 metric ton, per year, of premium quality cereal grass and alfalfa juice powders to companies in America, Europe and Japan.

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